April 5, 2011

Slate + Camel + Peach - A Vintage Inspiration

I had such a great time finding these amazing items for my inspiration board today. I was inspired by a rustic vintage romance. A time when technology was not what it is today. A time that was simpler and when folks were more in touch with the outdoors. Slate, camel, peach and a wide array of browns and greens bring everything together for a unique, organic, vintage feel for your big day. Remember to include the lace, and burlap. Get Grandma to bake her famous Blondie's, and enjoy a nice spring day!

Soap Favors Roots Soap CO
Bird Seed Favors Nature Favors
Chocolate Candy Vintage Buttons Andie's Specialty Sweets
Gown KT Jean
White Chocolate Almond Bars Glitter City Sweets
Burlap Banner Victorian Station
Leather Journal Karleigh Jae
Buttonniere Atelier Rousseau

1 comment:

  1. love the color combination of these and what a gorgeous dress, lacey and elegant, just gorgeous!